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Brand icons

Brand icons differ from the website content icons because they are used to illustrate information from and about Citizens Advice.

They should be used to support the information.

Icon Name Variable Unicode
accelerator @brand-accelerator \e900
add folder @brand-add_folder \e901
agenda @brand-agenda \e902
alarm clock @brand-alarm_clock \e903
arrow down @brand-arrow_down \e904
arrow left @brand-arrow_left \e905
arrow right @brand-arrow_right \e906
arrow up @brand-arrow_up \e907
battery 1 @brand-battery_1 \e908
battery 2 @brand-battery_2 \e909
battery 3 @brand-battery_3 \e90a
battery 4 @brand-battery_4 \e90b
blackboard graph @brand-blackboard_graph \e90c
boat @brand-boat \e90d
booknote add @brand-booknote_add \e90e
booknote remove @brand-booknote_remove \e90f
booknote @brand-booknote \e910
calendar @brand-calendar \e911
camera 1 @brand-camera_1 \e912
camera 2 @brand-camera_2 \e913
case @brand-case \e915
case 2 @brand-case_2 \e914
cd @brand-cd \e916
check @brand-check \e917
chronometer @brand-chronometer \e918
clock @brand-clock \e919
cloud check @brand-cloud_check \e91a
cloud delete @brand-cloud_delete \e91b
cloud download @brand-cloud_download \e91c
cloud upload @brand-cloud_upload \e91d
cloudy @brand-cloudy \e91e
cocktail @brand-cocktail \e91f
coffee @brand-coffee \e920
compass @brand-compass \e921
compress @brand-compress \e922
cutlery @brand-cutlery \e923
delete folder @brand-delete_folder \e924
delete @brand-delete \e925
dialogue add @brand-dialogue_add \e926
dialogue delete @brand-dialogue_delete \e927
dialogue happy @brand-dialogue_happy \e928
dialogue sad @brand-dialogue_sad \e929
dialogue text @brand-dialogue_text \e92a
dialogue think @brand-dialogue_think \e92b
diamond @brand-diamond \e92c
dish fork @brand-dish_fork \e92d
dish spoon @brand-dish_spoon \e92e
download folder @brand-download_folder \e92f
download @brand-download \e930
expand @brand-expand \e931
eye @brand-eye \e932
fast food @brand-fast_food \e933
flag @brand-flag \e934
folder @brand-folder \e935
geolocalizator @brand-geolocalizator \e936
globe @brand-globe \e937
graph descending @brand-graph_descending \e938
graph rising @brand-graph_rising \e939
graph @brand-graph \e93a
hammer @brand-hammer \e93b
happy drop @brand-happy_drop \e93c
headphones @brand-headphones \e93d
heart broken @brand-heart_broken \e93e
heart @brand-heart \e93f
home @brand-home \e940
hourglass @brand-hourglass \e941
image @brand-image \e942
key @brand-key \e943
lightbulb @brand-lightbulb \e996
life buoy @brand-life_buoy \e944
list @brand-list \e945
lock closed @brand-lock_closed \e946
lock open @brand-lock_open \e947
loudspeaker @brand-loudspeaker \e948
magnifier minus @brand-magnifier_minus \e949
magnifier plus @brand-magnifier_plus \e94a
magnifier @brand-magnifier \e94b
mail open @brand-mail_open \e94c
mail @brand-mail \e94d
map @brand-map \e94e
medical case @brand-medical_case \e94f
microphone 1 @brand-microphone_1 \e950
microphone 2 @brand-microphone_2 \e951
minus @brand-minus \e952
multiple image @brand-multiple_image \e953
music back @brand-music_back \e954
music backtoend @brand-music_backtoend \e955
music eject @brand-music_eject \e956
music forward @brand-music_forward \e957
music forwardtoend @brand-music_forwardtoend \e958
music pause @brand-music_pause \e959
music play @brand-music_play \e95a
music random @brand-music_random \e95b
music repeat @brand-music_repeat \e95c
music stop @brand-music_stop \e95d
musical note @brand-musical_note \e95f
musical note 2 @brand-musical_note_2 \e95e
old video cam @brand-old_video_cam \e960
paper pen @brand-paper_pen \e961
paper pencil @brand-paper_pencil \e962
paper sheet @brand-paper_sheet \e963
pen pencil ruler @brand-pen_pencil_ruler \e964
pencil ruler @brand-pencil_ruler \e965
pencil @brand-pencil \e966
plus @brand-plus \e967
portable pc @brand-portable_pc \e968
pricetag @brand-pricetag \e969
printer @brand-printer \e96a
profile add @brand-profile_add \e96b
profile remove @brand-profile_remove \e96c
profile @brand-profile \e96d
rainy @brand-rainy \e96e
rotate @brand-rotate \e96f
setting 1 @brand-setting_1 \e970
setting 2 @brand-setting_2 \e971
share @brand-share \e972
shield down @brand-shield_down \e973
shield left @brand-shield_left \e974
shield right @brand-shield_right \e975
shield up @brand-shield_up \e976
shopping cart content @brand-shopping_cart_content \e977
shopping cart @brand-shopping_cart \e978
sinth @brand-sinth \e979
smartphone @brand-smartphone \e97a
spread @brand-spread \e97b
squares @brand-squares \e97c
stormy @brand-stormy \e97d
sunny @brand-sunny \e97e
tablet @brand-tablet \e97f
three stripes horiz @brand-three_stripes_horiz \e980
three stripes vert @brand-three_stripes_vert \e981
ticket @brand-ticket \e982
todolist add @brand-todolist_add \e983
todolist check @brand-todolist_check \e984
todolist @brand-todolist \e985
trash bin @brand-trash_bin \e986
tshirt @brand-tshirt \e987
tv monitor @brand-tv_monitor \e988
umbrella @brand-umbrella \e989
upload folder @brand-upload_folder \e98a
upload @brand-upload \e98b
variable @brand-variable \e98c
video cam @brand-video_cam \e98d
volume higher @brand-volume_higher \e98e
volume lower @brand-volume_lower \e98f
volume off @brand-volume_off \e990
watch @brand-watch \e991
waterfall @brand-waterfall \e992
website 1 @brand-website_1 \e993
website 2 @brand-website_2 \e994
wine @brand-wine \e995