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Give feedbackv3.0.2


Colour contrast

The colour contrast ratio for text and interactive elements (for example buttons) should be as recommended by the W3C.


The colours are defined in the Brand Guidelines. Use them in these pairs.

Heritage Blue

Heritage Yellow

Responsible Purple

Responsible Aqua

Inventive Teal

Inventive Pink

Generous Green

Generous Mauve

Brand tints

Here are the brand colours in lighter tints.

Heritage Blue Lighter

Heritage Blue Lightest

Heritage Yellow Lighter

Heritage Yellow Darker

Extended palette

These colours shouldn't be used as brand or decorative colours. They’re used for things which are more functional - for example in error notices and call outs. This is because of recognised user behaviour - such as seeing red as a warning.








Extended palette tints

Here are the tint variations of the extended colour palette.

Red Light

Red Lighter

Orange Light

Orange Lighter

Green Light

Green Lighter

Blue Light

Blue Lighter

Blue Darker

Aqua Light

Yellow Light

Purple Dark

Monochrome palette

This palette is mainly for text, but also for neutral colouring.

Gray 0

Gray 1

Gray 2

Gray 3

Gray 4

Gray 5

Gray 6

Gray 7

Gray 8