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Icons are used for clarity and quick recognition of functions. It’ is important that these icons are used as CSS content on an element, and this can easily be done by using their variable in the LESS.

In the rare case that an icon is included as an element, it’s important to hide it screenreaders. This can be done using the aria-hidden="true" attribute.

These icons are all included in an icon font called cab-icons.

Icon Name Variable Unicode
key @i-key \e900
target @i-target \e605
help @i-help \3f
email @i-email \f003
star @i-star \e602
star o @i-star-o \f006
tick @i-tick \e601
cross @i-cross \e603
bin @i-bin \e607
inbox @i-inbox \e618
redo @i-redo \f01e
left @i-left \e604
right @i-right \e5f0
angle double left @i-angle-double-left \f100
angle double right @i-angle-double-right \f101
angle left @i-angle-left \f104
angle right @i-angle-right \f105
plus circle @i-plus-circle \f055
minus circle @i-minus-circle \f056
plus @i-plus \f067
minus @i-minus \f068
exclamation circle @i-exclamation-circle \f06a
exclamation triangle @i-exclamation-triangle \f071
up @i-up \e609
down @i-down \e612
megaphone @i-megaphone \e613
menu @i-menu \e615
right small @i-right-small \e616
sort @i-sort \e617
sort desc @i-sort-desc \e619
sort asc @i-sort-asc \e620
doc @i-doc \f016
doc pdf @i-doc-pdf \f1c1
doc word @i-doc-word \f1c2
doc excel @i-doc-excel \f16d
doc powerpoint @i-doc-powerpoint \f1c4
doc image @i-doc-image \f1c5
doc zip @i-doc-zip \f1c6
doc audio @i-doc-audio \f1c7
doc video @i-doc-video \f1c8
doc code @i-doc-code \f1c9
copy @i-copy \e614
clock @i-clock \e622
print @i-print \e623
save @i-save \e610
load @i-load \e611
happy @i-happy \e624
help @i-help \e625
exit @i-exit \e60a
new window @i-new-window \e60f
undo @i-undo \e626
vertical dots @i-vertical-dots \e901
wheelchair access @i-wheelchair-access \e626
hearing-loop @i-hearing-loop \e901
cita @i-cita \e904
facebook @i-facebook \e60c
messenger @i-messenger \e905
whatsapp @i-whatsapp \f232
twitter @i-twitter \e60d
linkedin @i-linkedin \e906
github @i-github \e902
spinner @i-spinner \e903